Hi everybody... I am back to my island... my holidays are over... I know that the past week I have been doing just post about my trip in Georgia, but I promise to you that this one is gonna be the last one and the best one because the pictures from that day are the best ones...
It's been a bit hard for me to choose between all this pictures to make all of this blog posts, because during 3 days I took 650 photos (that's what happened when you have  a new camera and so beautiful landscapes).

So the last day start with rain and a bit cold... We went again with a private tour to be easier and faster, because most of this "attractions" are far way from each other.

The first stop was in Okatse Canyon... 

This is located approximately 50 Km from Kutaisi, the entrance cost 7 Gel (approximately 2.70 euros).
We walk around 1.5 km throw the forest, until we reach the platform where we walk and see all the canyon. This platform is 50 metres above the river.
Unfortunately we didn't see almost nothing because of the fog that was on that day, but even not seeing very well the deep, it was a bit scary, (the fog created a scary and creepy sensation).
It start to rain a bit and we got wet, was a bit bad weather to do this visit, for sure if the weather was better we would enjoy even more... when we finish this platform we took a "taxi" to come back to the beginning point, because the rain wasn't stopping (it was the most exciting adventure, I made a video)

We had a private tour guide (the dog that you can see on the pictures .... ahahaha)

 Second stop was... Kinchkha Waterfall

This is near to Okatse Canyon, around 5km, is the tallest waterfall of Georgia.
The weather wasn't helping us, it was keep raining and I was getting cold so I came back before reaching the waterfall, but I still manage to take this beautiful shots :)

The third stop was in Martvili Monastery...

This is located in Martvili village and is a Ortodox Church.

 The last stop was in Gachedili Canyon

This one is located as well approximately 50 km from Kutaisi, the entrance cost 5 Gel (approximately 2 euros), if you want to go in a boat trip on the river you pay more 10 Gel (approximately 4 euros), We didn't go because the weather wasn't good and we didn't have any spare clothes (just in case if we could get wet).
As you can see by the pictures the landscapes are amazing, I am so glad that my camera managed to capture this beautiful colours.
This canyon was the length of 2400 meters and 20-40 metres of depth (smaller then Okatse).

From the three days that we were there I think this one was the most interesting one, apart from the weather, of course

The outfit was the same (I didnt have space on my bag for more) was just missing one gloves and a scarf  (I wasn't ready for cold weather, I confess).

If you are interesting to know more about Kutaisi you can check it here, to know more about touristic places to visit around Kutaisi you can check it here and here.

Later I will upload a short video here about this places

Soon will come the blog post about Azores :)



  1. que sitios maravilhosos! :)


  2. Adorei as fotos :)

  3. Olá Elisabete,

    As fotos estão simplesmente fantásticas! Adorei, adorei, todas e cada uma delas! Que sítios fantásticos para passear e fotografar!
    Foi pena o nevoeiro em Okatse Canyon não vos deixar ver quase nada...talvez de uma próxima vez :)

    Fico à espera das fotos dos Açores! Beijinho grande <3

    1. Carla sim todos os sitios sao fantasticos para quem gosta de fotografia... por isso gostei tanto daquele pais... o nevoeiro deu um ar misterioso ao sitio...

      obrigada querida pela teu comentario... e bom saber que ha pessoas que apreciam o nosso trabalho :)


  4. As fotos estão lindas!



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