Kutaisi is the third biggest city in Georgia, has 200 thousand population, the time is UTC+4, and the coin is Lari. Georgia is surrounded by Armenia, Turkey, Russia, and Azerbaijani. 
This trip wasn't on my list of places to visit, but one day a friend was looking for cheap flights on Wizzair, from our airport Larnaka, and found some to this city (we paid 35 euros to go and to come back), when she asked me if I was interesting to go I was a bit in doubt, because it was a country that I never heard, but I had the idea that it would be a "poor country" (without offending anybody), but for another side, I knew that it would be a very economic trip and I was curious to know about their culture.
And I don't regret at all, I think was the most exciting trip, I saw so many nice places that I never imagined, (the unplanned things are always the best ones), and I really recommend to everybody.
The city is not that big, is full of huge fresh markets, where people stand on the streets selling fruits, for a few cents, from 8 until 19 o clock... the Rioni River passes along the city, and the landscape is beautiful, the rocks on the river from far way look like snow, the autumn colours on the trees are so pretty. 
For me was fascinating to see this country, because where I live (Cyprus), everything is so dry and yellow.

We stayed in a guest house (Sun guest house), it was a very family environment.because the rooms are on the same house as they live, so we could speak with them and learn more things about their culture, they were very kind with us and help us a lot. (I recommend it).
I think the most common accommodation there are the guest houses, not hotels, as the city still not so touristic place.

The only thing that was strange for me, was to not to find many places to eat or have a coffee, there I think is not so common like us to go out for dinner or lunch, I think many people goes to this "windows shop" and choose the food and eat at home, but for us was difficult to choose something because we didn't have any idea about what the food had inside. 
They don't speak almost any english, just russian, so was a bit hard our communication, but we manage to survive, because people are very helpful.

Our budget for the three days was 100 euros, and we managed, including hotel, many entrances in turistisc places and we even did 2 days of private tours, 1 Lira is aproximetly 2,60 euros, so It was very cheap for us.

I know that the outfit is always the same, but wizzair just allow for free a small bagpack like I have on the picture :).

Curiosity: I had a little accident with one shoe, but I went to a shop there and they gave me a super glue for 1 euro and It worked, all the shops there are kind of "chinese shops" they sell everything, the malls there are not like ours, they don't have Zara, Bershka, they have normal shops.

One typical food is a bread with cheese and egg, they remove the bread from the oven and they put the egg above (well for me was a bit awkward to see the white part of the egg raw) hum I didn't like so much but I was starving :)
Ahhh for chocolate lovers, there is the paradise, the sell so many "bombons"  per kilo, so you can choose different ones and put in a bag (we bought a bag with maybe 20 chocolates and we paid around 1 euro) and they were so sweet... 

AHHHH I forgot to say the car that you see on the picture are the most common there, I found so cute and original (I wanted one for me), the brand is Lada (russian brand).

Sorry for making this blog pots so long but I wanted to share all this information with you.

If you want to see what we did on the first day in Kutaisi you can check it here and here



  1. Olá Elizabete,

    Adorei as fotos e gostei muito da tua descrição. Fico a conhecer mais um cantinho do nosso planeta, mesmo que à distância :) Ai os bombons!


  2. Adoraria visitar deve ser lindo !
    with love, KATE ❤

  3. Gorgeous your coat

    >> http://joandcompanystyle.blogspot.pt/ <<

    1. obrigada... e da Lefties... mas ja nao e de agora :)


  4. Uau, que sitio lindo!


  5. wow! beautiful!


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