Long time ago, when I was looking for pictures in Cyprus on Instagram to find spots for photoshoots, I found this place and I went to check what it was. It was a abandoned hotel in the villa of Prodomos, in the Troodos Mountain
So since that day, I was annoying my boyfriend to go there and take some pictures for here, and last weekend I manage, is true that the trip is a bit annoying and take time, but is so worth it.
They called it Berengaria Hotel, the "Hotel of the Kings", opened in 1931 and close down in 1984, during this time it was a luxurious hotel, hosting kings and president from everywhere in the world.  It was a mountain resort with a casino, night club and had state of the art furniture and decor.
It is located 4,6333 feet above sea level, and what makes Berengaria so appealing until now is its peculiar history. The hotel itself closed down due to bad business and huge profit loss, because after, the original owner, Mr. Kokkalos death, the hotel was passed to his three sons, which were filled with greed, vanity and jealousy of each other causing the hotel to fail.
There are many stories around this hotel, my impression when I arrived there was literally OMG, It's so amazing and creepy at the same time... the day that we went was cold and foggy so you can imagine, the cold air entering inside the broken windows (uhhhhhhh). 
The fact that is abandoned, I think it gives you even more enthusiasm to see it, the broken windows, the empty pool, the walls full of art and graffiti, well is a mix of sensations.
It was super cool there, I was suffering to take this pictures (not kidding), but I want to use my new dress from Zara.
I love so much all the details that it was, it's a bit classic I know, but sometimes is good to have this kind of pieces on your wardrobe, for more special occasions :)
I took this pink hat to give some colour to the pictures, and I think it looked amazing :)
I'm sorry for so many pictures are so dark, but the camera is new, so the photographer still trying to find out what are the best options for the different sets, and believe they are too many :)
Well for sure soon I will go back, because I want to make a video to share with you.
Lana loved the experience too...she was so excited to go around, running up and down,she saw everything first then me :)


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