Hello babes... I came back from this holidays and after 4 days I went back to Portugal.
I went to Algarve, south of Portugal to see my parents and to attend a wedding of one of my university best friends. 

So talking about this trip, on the third day we went in direction to Portofino
We left Cinque Terre in the morning and we went by train to Santa Margherita Ligure, there is no direct train to Portofino, and it takes around one hour and half more less.
Santa Margherita Ligure is a small town near to the sea were we went for a coffee before we went to Portofino.

There are bus stops everywhere along the road from Santa Margherite to Portofino, the bus cost 2.30 (I believe), but honestly is not so far to go walking until there,and there is a walk path between them.
 The view is so worth it, on the bus you can't enjoy it or take any photos. 
We just walk a bit, because we were with our cabin bags and was midday time.
It is a nice place as well to go to the beach, but we didn't wear or swimsuits.

Portofino is a small village... honestly I thought that would be more beautiful and something more special, but is not.
We didn't manage again to go up until the castle because of ours bags, but we manage to take some nice photos on the small port.

We took again the train from Santa Margherita Ligure to Genova to sleep there.
We stay two nights in Hotel Nologo, near to train station, like 5 minutes walking, and near to the city centre, super modern and affordable, with a terrace with Jacuzzi.

The city is full of monuments and beautiful churches... but I found it a bit empty for such a popular city, maybe because we went there after the bridge fell.

This was taken on the Van Gogh exhibition, it was super cool because they were passing in this big screen his paintings and we manage to take some nice shots and learn a bit more about his life.

This last photo is from the last city in Italy that we stop before we went to Monaco, called Ventimiglia.
There wasn't direct train from Italy to France, so here was the last city where we need to change so as I didn't have tickets booked from there to Monaco, just from Genova to Ventimiglia, we went around just for a quick coffee and see the little city.
Indeed it had more people then in Genova.

Soon I will share here some post from France coast.




Hello people I am back from my trip of 12 days around Italian and France coast.
First day we travel from Paphos airport to Rome Ciampino... then we took the bus to the Rome Train Station (5 Euros with Terravision) , and from there the train to Pisa ( approximately 25 euros).
As Pisa was in our way to Cinque Terre, we stop there for 3 hours just to take the famous picture with Pisa Tower and have a walk around the city. The train station is near to the city centre, so we walked around the city with our bags.
There are not many things to see there, so a few hours there is enough, I found the city quiet similar to Florence.

After having an ice cream in Pisa, we took again the train to La Spezia and we arrived there at dinner time.
Almost all the trains, I booked before we start the trip, because the prices are different from hour to hour... so I tried to find the cheapest between the times that I wanted to go.

 Before we start the trip, I did a search in all the trains or bus that we need to take, to have an idea of prices and times. Italy and France have very good trains connections.. so its very easy to go around just using train.

La Spezia is a small city near to Cinque Terre, here normally everybody stays because its cheaper, and most of the villages of Cinque Terre are small and packed, so is not easy to find accommodation there.

We stay in a place 5 minutes walking away from train station called B&B La Spezia Centrale, really cosy place with breakfast included.

So we took just one day to visit Cinque Terre, I read in some blogs that it could be possible be done in one day only, and it worked.

We bought I pass of 16 euros that gives you acess to all the trains between the villages, acess to wi-fi on the train stations, and acess to the natural trail from Monterroso to Vernazza.
Honestly is so many people on the train that nobody comes to check your tickets... (you could go very easily for free)

We decided to start from the last village, in our case Monterroso, that took us around maybe 20 to 30 minutes by train, instead of Riomaggiore, that was the closest to La Spezia, and here the most of the people were starting the trip.

I wanted to make a walking trail between the villages and my idea was to do the Via del Amor that was just 20 minutes between Manarola and Riomaggiore, but IT WAS CLOSED, so they said to us that we could do the one from Monterroso to Vernazza, that was the easiest between the ones available.

It took us ONE AND HALF hour... OMG I was dying, we did so many stairs, its was midday so even worse, and at certain time I was feeling dizzy...but thanks god we had some fruits and water with us, so we manage to survive, but honestly I don't think that was worth it, because it made us to get very tired for all the rest of the day.

Monterroso is well known by their orange sun umbrellas, all of them are so well synchronised as you can see on the pictures

After the trail we arrive to Vernazza, the view from the mountain was perfect.
We had lunch there... they have many small shops for take away, and after we went to swim, so good after the huge walk, so don't forget to pack your swimwear.

The next village was Corniglia... again we did so many stairs to go up and at the end wasn't something special... so if you don't have that much time, you can easily escape this one.

The trains between the villages come very often, between maybe 5 to 10 minutes.

Manarola was one of my favourite villages ... is perfect to go there for a swim too... it was so many people enjoying the sun. The view was incredible, I liked so much the house colours.

As you can see it was packed of people, as well because it was Saturday.

Riomaggiore was the last one.. it was very pity that we were so tired and we didn't see almost nothing there, but it was as well very beautiful village. I don't have any nice picture, because my amazing photographer was testing the effects on the camera and all the photos from Riomaggiore are blurred.

For me my favourites were definetly Vernazza and Manarola.

A good thing in Italy and France is that you always have fresh potable water everywhere, so in every village we were filling our bottles.

If you want to know more information... please leave a comment down bellow.




Hi babes.... another day I found accidentally this small private beach on the area of the White Rocks... if you were already in Governor's beach, you will see that is kind of similar, but there is a huge difference, there is no people. 
The acess is a bit weird... but if you are a fan off road trips, you will enjoy to explore this area...
My dog Lana had so much fun, she was running around like crazy, that's why as well I look for places like this, so I can bring her along with us.
This swimsuit is from Forever 21, bought on the sales for 5 euros, super cool patron and fits super well.
Tomorrow we will go for holidays, on the Italian and French coast... so follow my stories on my instagram to see all the cities that I am gonna visit it.




Dress Hot Posh | Scruchie Cyre | Sandals Forever 21 | Hat Ali Express

Hi babes... is time for an amazing SUMMER GIVEAWAY.... this beautiful white dress that you see on the pictures can be yours... you just need to follow the rules on this picture on my instagram here.
This is the perfect piece for your summer sunsets... super sexy dress from a shop in Nicosia called Hot Posh.

The scrunchie that I have on my hair is from another online shop in Cyprus called Cyre... it's been a life saver with this hot weather.... I can't stand my hair down with this hot...so I always use one of them to put my hair up and still look super stylish... they are velvet and they have different colors too...

My new fluffy orange sandals are from the sales of Forever 21... OMG I got lost yesterday when I went to the shop... everything was under 10 euros... soon I will show here the other pieces that I bought there.


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