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 Hello babes... Hope that you had a great week..

I am so happy with this photos...after I edit them I realise that I found my new style... matching sets... 
I have been seen all over instagram the matching suits... but honestly blazers they don't suit me very well so I don't think that is a trend that I will wear, but another day I found this set on Dream Pink shop and I fell in love.
First is made with silky material, so is perfect for Spring, because is super fresh, second was the colour of the season, purple, lavender, and third it match with my toe nails AHAHAH.
This is the kind of outfit that you can wear classic with some high heels like I did, or super casual with some trainers.

The belt bag is from Chic Mess and it completes super well this look, as well with my stylish sunglasses, both of them you can find it in Dream Pink shop.

The watch is my new purchase from the duty free on the aircraft... I need to help the sales on board too.




Ellia Natural is a Cypriot brand of natural and organic cosmetics created by a Cypriot Greek couple since 2012.

Nowadays all of us start to look for products made with natural ingredients and cruelty free.
Is true that this kind of products are always a bit more expensive that the ones that we are used to buy, but if you think about it, they are so much better for you skin because they don't contain chemical things, with strange names that nobody knows what are they.

Is never to late to start a new healthy life habits and try new products.

I have been using everyday this shower gel and this body lotion, and I like it a lot. They have such a nice smell.
The shower gel  deeply cleanses the skin without drying, is rich in pure organic botanical and is free from harsh chemicals.
The body lotion has a thick texture, that will make your dry skin to become soft and moisturised .

 This two herbal water work as toner, disinfectant and moisturiser for your skin at the same time.
You can use it after washing your face, spray it from a short distance or use it as a simple toner to clean your skin. You can use as many times you like during the day in order to clean and refresh the skin from dust and pollution.
Spray it once and wipe to clean the skin and spray it again, letting dry on your face and moisturize your skin.
It gives moisture and vitality to skin, just like an expensive cream.
I personally prefer the one is that smells orange and lavender.

If you would like to purchase any of this products or another ones from this brand, you can go to the website called E-bliss shop and  use my discount code MOREELISTYLE and have 20% discount.




  Dress Dream Pink | Sunglasses Dream Pink | Shoes Lefties | Earrings Zaful

 Hello babes... I have seven days in a row without working... no I am not on holidays...but with this weather I woulnd't mind to start to go to the beach already, so I decided to update the blog and bring some new content.

The wedding season is starting, so all of us are looking for the perfect piece to wear in the friend's wedding and look amazing and different from all of the other ones... who doesn't like to feel special and the centre of the attentions???

This is the perfect dress, the quality is amazing, is from the brand Milk and White and you can find it on the Dream Pink shop in Paphos.

I feel a bit bad that I didn't realised that the belt was falling down, and it doesn't look so good on the photos... but believe the dress is AMAZING. It's perfect for spring because it was the sleeves.




 T-shirt Boohoo | Belt Bag Boohoo | Necklace Minimalistic Boutique | Coat Thrift Store | Skirt Thrift Store | Shoes Lefties

Hello babes... today is the Easter in Cyprus so I decided to show this outfit from my weekend in Protaras.

This t-shirt costed around 7 euros and the belt bag  12 euros, both from Boohoo.
The belt bag is the best thing that they invented, I managed to fit my phone, my sunglasses and as well the credit cards, I think is the best type of bag to take to the nights clubs... AHAHA ... you don't need to pay anything to leave your bag and you don't need to worry if somebody will steal it because is always with you.

This coat and the skirt are very good purchases from charity shops here in Cyprus and each one cost me 1 euro.

Hope that you are enjoying this big weekend... me I was very happy that they called me today to stay home and not to fly.




  Dress Zaful | Shoes Yoins | Hat AliExpress

Hello Babes... it's been one week that I didn't post anything here.. but last week was super busy for me... they change all my schedule and they put me to fly the 5 days... they change me many flights, so I didn't manage to do anything, only to go to the gym ... AHAHA
Well this photos are from the last weekend, we went to Protaras and Ayia Napa. The ones that live here, know that is one of the best part of this island.
It gets super busy during the summer, all the tourists go there for the beaches with clear water and for the party, of course.
 Last weekend was super quiet there, almost all the hotels still close and in renovation to be ready for the summer season.
This photos are from Konnos beach, and a place near to Cavo Greko called "Canion".
We went there by mistake, looking for a place on the sea caves that is very famous on instagram,but at the end we found this amazing mountain, it look liked we were in the dessert somewehere.

This dress is from Zaful and is super cute, but is not the most comfortable piece to wear daily... if you don't pay attention, maybe you can show something else that you don't want it.
I would advise to wear it on summer with a bikini.


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