Hi babes.... another day I found accidentally this small private beach on the area of the White Rocks... if you were already in Governor's beach, you will see that is kind of similar, but there is a huge difference, there is no people. 
The acess is a bit weird... but if you are a fan off road trips, you will enjoy to explore this area...
My dog Lana had so much fun, she was running around like crazy, that's why as well I look for places like this, so I can bring her along with us.
This swimsuit is from Forever 21, bought on the sales for 5 euros, super cool patron and fits super well.
Tomorrow we will go for holidays, on the Italian and French coast... so follow my stories on my instagram to see all the cities that I am gonna visit it.




Dress Hot Posh | Scruchie Cyre | Sandals Forever 21 | Hat Ali Express

Hi babes... is time for an amazing SUMMER GIVEAWAY.... this beautiful white dress that you see on the pictures can be yours... you just need to follow the rules on this picture on my instagram here.
This is the perfect piece for your summer sunsets... super sexy dress from a shop in Nicosia called Hot Posh.

The scrunchie that I have on my hair is from another online shop in Cyprus called Cyre... it's been a life saver with this hot weather.... I can't stand my hair down with this hot...so I always use one of them to put my hair up and still look super stylish... they are velvet and they have different colors too...

My new fluffy orange sandals are from the sales of Forever 21... OMG I got lost yesterday when I went to the shop... everything was under 10 euros... soon I will show here the other pieces that I bought there.




Swimsuit | Aloha Kai

Hi babes... I took this photos last Sunday... and since then  I wanted to post this here.. but just now manage to have some free time, very busy woman AHAHAH.
I am a big fan of swimsuit... I think I am the only one here... but I think it look so much sexier on tall girls like me, I know is not so good to get tan, but we can use sometime.
Another good thing of swimsuits, is that it can be used as bodysuit, so is the perfect piece to take on holidays.

I was very surprised with the quality of the material... super good and thick... and the back as you see is not "gramma" style, but is not so reveal, so it's perfect.

This paradise beach is in Pissouri... I love that place... and after you can go for a cocktail on Panaroma lounge, like we did, and you can enjoy an amazing view.




Shirt and Pants | Dream Pink 

Hello babes... I have been around since 2 weeks ago.. first I was in Portugal then I pass throw London for a weekend with my friends and now I am in Sweden for one week.
It's been a great experience to meet so many people... came here to do some flights and today is my last day flying.
This area, Nyk√∂ping, is very quiet, clean and green... people are polite and they ride bicycle everywhere.

This set is very boohoo, not something that I would wear daily, but is super comfortable fabrics, so it's perfect for the hot weather in Paphos.

Wednesday I will be back to the island.


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