Hi babes... another day I went to met the owner from this amazing shop in Limassol called Blink Boutique.... they are celebrating 1 year now.
There you can find from casual clothes to classic clothes for special occasions.

I start to be obsessed with sets like this one... as everybody know, I love high waist pants... so I couldn't be more happy to wear something like this... I opted for a more classic way of wearing it, but if you combine it with some flats sandals it will look more casual.




  Brown Bikini Zaful | Yellow Bikini Zaful | Earrings Iliana 

Hello babes.... back here with more photos from affordable swimwear, this time this two sets are brom Zaful and both of them cost less then 20$. This shop is known has having a very good range of swimwear and I can confirm that the quality is very good and they fit properly on your body.

I decided this time to order some bikinis with pattern and different style that I am used to wear it. There you can find lots of different styles and colours and always with amazing promotions.
Which one did you like more??




Pants Zaful | Bag Gamiss | Shirt Lefties

Hello babes... this look is all about the floral high waist pants from Zaful...
I got fan from this kind of pants since I got my other high waist pants from Gamiss.
I am not kind a person of floral things... I am more kind simple vibe... but as you can see here, you can still wear something floral and look chic and elegant, if you pair it with something simple.

The quality is amazing, plus has pockets... they are size S and a bit a big on my waist... but has they have a belt it's ok because they don't fall.




Hi babes it's been a long time that I didn't post anything here... but I am kind a busy and last weekend I was in Athens as well.
The summer started already here in Cyprus... so today I am sharing with you one of the bikinis from Bikini and Waves that I got like 3months ago... 

Well guys I have bad news.. I am start to getting fat as you can see on the pictures... AHAHAH don't take me wrong I know that I am still skinny but there are some little "tires" by the side and on my belly that I didn't had before... AHAHA... things of becoming 30 this year.

Of course the positions that you make influences too...and the bikini that you wear can you make more slimmer or fatter... this one made me show the bad things of my body AHAHAAH (not making drama at all), but you know what, I happy with my body and I don't feel any shame to show how is it.

I really liked the bottoms before... but after seeing the photos I am not so sure... AHAHA... the bra is made for people with big breast.... not me... but I love so much the colour, plus the quality is super good.

Bikini and Waves shop has free shipping and lots of different models and patrons of swimwear.




Set Dream Pink | Sunglasses Dream Pink | Bag Dream Pink | High heels Geotoki | Watch Ryanair 

 Hello babes... Hope that you had a great week..

I am so happy with this photos...after I edit them I realise that I found my new style... matching sets... 
I have been seen all over instagram the matching suits... but honestly blazers they don't suit me very well so I don't think that is a trend that I will wear, but another day I found this set on Dream Pink shop and I fell in love.
First is made with silky material, so is perfect for Spring, because is super fresh, second was the colour of the season, purple, lavender, and third it match with my toe nails AHAHAH.
This is the kind of outfit that you can wear classic with some high heels like I did, or super casual with some trainers.

The belt bag is from Chic Mess and it completes super well this look, as well with my stylish sunglasses, both of them you can find it in Dream Pink shop.

The watch is my new purchase from the duty free on the aircraft... I need to help the sales on board too.


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