Trousers Rosegal | Sweater Rosegal | Shoes Stradivarius | Earrings Ali Express

Hello babes... I received this trousers last week from Rosegal... they cost me almost nothing because I used the points that I have there and as well I took advantage of the free shipping that they had that day.
The fabric is really good and I am very into high waist pants now.
As I am quiet tall I love high waist things.
I combine with my old sweater from there but it was so hot that day... it's still impossible to wear autumns clothes here even if you want.

This place is in Paphos and is called Luna Park.




 Top and Skirt | Chris K  Jewellery | Jewellery by Metaxa Shoes | Ali Express 
Red Earrings | Ali Express Bag | Jewellery By Metaxa

Hello people... last Sunday I turned 30 years old and I am very happy for that.
No I am not married, no I don't have kids, and no I don't know when it will happen.

When you become 30 years old and you still single and without kids... you hear this questions everyday... from your family from your close friends and it becomes a bit of annoying sometimes.

Yes I know all my friends are married and have kids but I don't. 

During all this years I passed from a few failed relationships that made me to grow. I became more tolerant and more patient to accept that there is no perfect man in this world.

Yes I want to marry and I want to make a family, but I will not do it without being sure about the next step, because I see nowadays so many divorced couples with kids going from one house to another one and that is not something that I want for me. I know nobody can know what  will happen in the future... but sometimes is better to prevent instead of repair it after.

I considered myself a very independent woman... so it's not easy for me to accept someone else in my life... If someone enter in your life should be to compliment something, not to make it worse then it is or to have the double of the work that you had before.

Throw this years I have learned many things... I passed throw many experiences..met many people... lived in a different countries and travel to a few different destinations.

I tried to always keep myself active and always looking for new challenges, I get bored very easy, that's why I like my job, because gives me the opportunity to fly everyday with different people and to different places.

I could be here hours and hours writing about my life... but I don't think that you would be interest on that... so I just want to say a big thank you to all of you that I have been making part of my short life and If I have any news I will let you know AHAHAH.




 Dress Na-Kd | Shoes Na-Kd | Earrings Unicrowns

Photographer: Juliane Kep

Hello babes... I hope that you had a great weekend... mine was relaxing.
Last Wednesday I finally meet Juliane... she is the master of this amazing photos.
The shoes and the Dress are from Na-Kd shop... lately they have a huge range of different things and different prices, and if you go to instagram you will find lots of girls with discounts for them.

This dress was a log story behind its actual shape, but finally I managed to make it in a wearable way.
I am in love with the photos... thanks so much Juliane for you great job.




Hello people....Today I am sharing my beautiful knit handmade top from Portugal, this piece is 100% handmade and I bought for only 20 Euros.
The necklaces are from a Portuguese instagram account... finally I have a necklace with an aircraft.

This beautiful place is in Episkopi... such a breathtaking place.




Hello people... I am back from my 3 days  trip to Meteora.

Meteora is a place with one of the biggest natural rocks,  UNESCO HERITAGE from 1988, where 24 monasteries were built many years ago, where didn't exist streets or trucks to bring the materials up to the rocks... everything was transported via nets and  cables from the bottom of the rock until the top... where  the monks were lifted as well in small nets and pass from one rock to the other by cables... well something very impressive was made with just a few resources.

So we left Saturday morning from Paphos Airport and we flew to Thesssaloniki.
From there we rented a car for two days with Simply Rent Car, we opted for this one because we didn't have credit card.

TIP: Most of the rental cars ask for credit cards, so if you don't have one, make sure that you read properly the requirements, it happened to me already to not manage to rent a car because of that.

There are buses and Trains to Meteora, but the car gives you much more flexibility and you can visit another things if you want.
We stop to see this beautiful bridge in Tempi and then we drive to Kalabamka, were we passed the night.

Nowadays just 6 Monasteries still intact and open to be visited. All open at 9:00 and closed at 17:00, but they close at lunch time too... during the weekend are all open.
We just visited one,  the biggest one, because on Sunday it started to rain, has dark and cold and we didn't have umbrellas, thanks god ate least we had the car.
I didn't manage to have many nice photos... because it was impossible with that weather.

 One thing that I found strange, was the wild dogs in Meteora and in the village down, we saw quiet big dogs in the street, well they looked happy some of them, but I got  a bit sad to see them going around looking for food.  So we went to Lidl and bought some food to them.. so if you are going there...PLEASE DO THE SAME.... I think they will appreciate a lot.

We passed Monday in Thessaloniki... was my the second time there... the weather was amazing, so we had a long walk near to the sea and took this photos on the most famous "instagrammable" place.

This is a dress but at the time I wear it as skirt. This dress has many stories behind it AHAHAHA.
I bough it on Na-kd, if you want to see the original dress just click here.


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