Hello babes... I know is again another swimwear post...but finally I manage to photograph all the swimsuits that I received in the last months.

This one is from Bikini & Waves... online website with very affordable prices and free shipping.

The bikini has good quality material, is perfect for the ones that like small bottoms, but the bra is not at all comfortable...maybe it looks good on the photos but you can't move yours arms.. I didn't try yet to swim with that... because I have been using just the bottoms. 

Yeah sometimes we make bad purchases ... but I can still wear one piece at least...

I did another post already about another bikini from this brand if you want to check it out you can find it here

Or if you want to see bikinis from another brands, you can find it here:
1. Chicuu
2. Zaful


Ps: Did you see the photo of  Lana covering my "ass" , like ei you are not allowed to show that in public... I laugh so much when she came behind me :P 



Bikini Chicuu

Hello people... yesterday I went to the Sea caves in Paphos... I love to go to this secret beach, that almost nobody knows, because is still very quiet and I can take my dog, Lana, as you know is not very easy to find beaches for dogs :P

I received this bikini long time ago, from Chicuu shop, is an online website with free shipping.
You can find lots of swimwear for less then 20$.

The quality of this one wasn't the best... the fabric is very thin, but the reality is that nothing was visible.
I really like the bottoms, the bra is a bit big, but still wearable... in the future I will wear the bottoms with another bras.




Hello people... I had this lace dress for so long... but just know manage to take some photos and share with you.
This dress is from Danity Paris, a online shop from France, it comes with a pink dress to wear it under, but I believe that it would look really nice as well to wear it for the beach with a bikini under.

My new little bag is from a Portuguese brand called La Petite Sardine, it's handmade in Portugal and it's a recreation of our old market bags. It's such a honour to support what is made in my country. I really like that is sixe xs, but if you would like more space, they have bigger ones and different models for very affordable prices.

The sandals are new as well, and they cost me 10 euros in a shop here in Limassol.

This photos were taken in the abandoned Sodap in Limassol.




  Matching Set Dream Pink | Clutch Dream Pink

Hello babes... one more gorgeous set, perfect to wear on a wedding.... You can find this one as well on Dream Pink shop in Paphos, and they have another colours available... like the last dress that I share here with you.

One little detail that both of this look and the other dress has it, is that both of them have pockets... I am a big fan of clothes with pockets... because if you don't to carry a bag you can always put there your phone and your keys.

Both of them have amazing quality and fit so perfectly on your body.
Is the kind of clothes that you wear and make you feel like a princess (I know, I said that many times already, but that the way that I feel every time I wear this kind of clothes).

This hotel would be perfect to make a beautiful wedding.




  Dress Dream Pink | Clutch Dream Pink | Fascinator La Maga Hat Designer

Hello world.... the Royal wedding was one week ago, were we saw lots of elegant dresses like this one.
 This beautiful piece is from Dream Pink Boutique and it couldn't be more then perfect for a special wedding. This is the kind of dress that you wear and everybody it will stare at you, because you really look like a princess.

I bought this fascinator from Spain, handmade, for the wedding that I had this weekend, soon it would be photos about the outfit that I wear.
 It such a glam piece and make all your simple outfit look more glamorous... yes I was the only one wearing a "hat", but it was always my dream to wear one, so this was the right opportunity to do it.


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