Hello people, after another day I was looking at my old posts, I decided to post something again here, even if is just once per month. It's so good to look back at them, so I want to keep doing it.

My family came last weekend to pass the Easter in Cyprus.
My parents have been already twice here, but my brother was the first time.
The first day I took them to the village called Voumi, was the first time that I have been there as well and is such a nice place.
If you are looking for a traditional and quiet village, you definitely should go there. It takes around 40 minutes from Limassol.

 My initial idea was to go to Kakopetria and Kalopanayiotis, but the journey there was longer and it was already quiet late, both of them are really pretty villages.

This photo was taken near to Pano Platres.

The second day we went for brunch to Kikas garden, a place near to Paphos with homemade food.
They make their own bread and jam and everything was so delicious and the place is incredible nice, the owners are so friendly.
And then we stop in Argaka. I love the pier there.

After we end up to Pomos Village, was the first time that I drove up after Argaka. The coast line it's so nice and quiet, definitely I want to go there once to make beach and probably I will take lana too, because I don't believe that It would be crowded.

And later we went to Paphos, to show the harbour to my brother and eat the best ice cream in Paphos from E Cosi Gelateria.

The third day we went to the oldest village from Cyprus, Choirokitia, located near to Larnaka.
This village was occupied from the 7th to the 5th millennium before Christ. It's one of the most important prehistoric sites from Eastern Mediterranean.
The entrance cost 2.5euros.

After I drove to Protaras to go to Fig Tree bay. I love to walk in that area, they have a very long path were you can walk near to the beach, but that day the weather wasn't the best, super windy, cold and full of waves, never saw Protaras like that. 

Later I showed the Cave Greko and after the Sea Caves, was the first time that I visited the sea caves in Ayia Napa, and fnally found the hole where everybody is taking the picture.

Of course I couldn't leave Ayia Napa without stopping in Nissi beach. It's super beautiful beach and the water is so warm all the time, but I prefer to go to Protaras and Paralimni, because they are not so crowded.

The last stop was Larnaka, and after the Salt Lake.
I had very beautiful photos there long time ago, so I decided to go there again and show to my family this exotic spot.

 I love to go to new places all the time, so if you have any suggestions of new spots please let me know in the comments.
I hope that you enjoy this little tour around Cyprus.




 Skirt and Dress Lips N' Melon | Bag La Petite Sardine | Earrings Konstantia Kalli

 Hello everybody I hope that you are having a great weekend... I came back here to share two outfits from a shop in Limassol called Lips N' Melon.
I fell in love for both pieces, the white skirt and the dress... both of them are perfect to wear for a special occasion.
I decided to combine the skirt with a really simple jumper to make the outfit more casual, and to direct all the attention to the main piece ..the skirt.
The second outfit is a gorgeous dress that is on sale at the moment... I loved so much all the details and glitter, plus that is backless. I am obsessed for backless dresses, it's so feminine and sexy at the same time.
I decided to add some socks to the look, just to give a different vibe, and show to you that sometimes we can make something different and still looking good.


Photographer: Juliane Kep



Shirt Lefties |  Necklaces C4Y designs and YourlovelyBreeze |
Skirt Stradivarius | Boots Public Desire | Net Bag Ebay 

Hello people... how are you doing?? I finally had time to shoot this weekend. Is not that I am busy, but now with the days getting dark at 17 is impossible to take photos during the week.
It's being very trendy the crazy patterns, so when I saw this shirt in Lefties in Portugal I fell in love for it, because it's different from everything that I saw already. Is not Leopard or snake print like everybody is wearing but stills a nice pattern.
All my necklaces are from Portugal, as they are more cheaper then here, and I knew that I was going to Portugal soon, I order them before and when I arrived home I had them already. 
They make all simple outfits look a bit more expensive




 Trousers Rosegal | Sweater Rosegal | Shoes Stradivarius | Earrings Ali Express

Hello babes... I received this trousers last week from Rosegal... they cost me almost nothing because I used the points that I have there and as well I took advantage of the free shipping that they had that day.
The fabric is really good and I am very into high waist pants now.
As I am quiet tall I love high waist things.
I combine with my old sweater from there but it was so hot that day... it's still impossible to wear autumns clothes here even if you want.

This place is in Paphos and is called Luna Park.




 Top and Skirt | Chris K  Jewellery | Jewellery by Metaxa Shoes | Ali Express 
Red Earrings | Ali Express Bag | Jewellery By Metaxa

Hello people... last Sunday I turned 30 years old and I am very happy for that.
No I am not married, no I don't have kids, and no I don't know when it will happen.

When you become 30 years old and you still single and without kids... you hear this questions everyday... from your family from your close friends and it becomes a bit of annoying sometimes.

Yes I know all my friends are married and have kids but I don't. 

During all this years I passed from a few failed relationships that made me to grow. I became more tolerant and more patient to accept that there is no perfect man in this world.

Yes I want to marry and I want to make a family, but I will not do it without being sure about the next step, because I see nowadays so many divorced couples with kids going from one house to another one and that is not something that I want for me. I know nobody can know what  will happen in the future... but sometimes is better to prevent instead of repair it after.

I considered myself a very independent woman... so it's not easy for me to accept someone else in my life... If someone enter in your life should be to compliment something, not to make it worse then it is or to have the double of the work that you had before.

Throw this years I have learned many things... I passed throw many experiences..met many people... lived in a different countries and travel to a few different destinations.

I tried to always keep myself active and always looking for new challenges, I get bored very easy, that's why I like my job, because gives me the opportunity to fly everyday with different people and to different places.

I could be here hours and hours writing about my life... but I don't think that you would be interest on that... so I just want to say a big thank you to all of you that I have been making part of my short life and If I have any news I will let you know AHAHAH.


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